No sleep, binge watching scorpion 🦂 

Lately Laust and I have been watching every show we find interesting on Netflix and now as Laust has fallen asleep I’m still awake watching Scorpion. IT’S AMAZING. Recommend 100/10. 

As for the past weeks and upcoming weeks I’m pretty much drowning in coursework! But we’re nearly done group 3. YAY! 

Good news though! My trip to New Dehli, India is booked planned and sorted! All that remains are the vaccines and the visa 😂 and I should get to it ASAP ! 

Good news part 2, I have a job now!! A marketing job! With a really good company! And I couldn’t be happier! Everything has officially fallen into place! 

I’m living with the love of my life my soulmate, I’m finishing my studies, I have my dream job and I have the greatest friends anyone could ever wish for and I’m thankful and greatful for all of it. This isn’t luck, it’s genuine hard work and dedication, especially never giving up. 

No sleep, binge watching scorpion 🦂 

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