UCN party 🎉 

* Me and Rea looking hot af* 

I’ve officially attended University college Nordjylland for 2 weeks now and it’s been amazing so far! It is difficult and it’s a lot of work. But we’ve had an amazing party the other weekend and it was a blast! Much needed and genuinely an amazing way to start off the first semester! ​​​

​​​I got to get to know my classmates and mingle! 

*Also I met Elvis!* 

I had major problems getting to the party, I was biking in the rain! I’m so dumb. I was wearing heels too! I fell off the bike a few times 😂👎🏼


It looks bad and it hurts..  A LOT! 😦 


We had an amazing night! 🎉  ðŸŽŠ 


UCN party 🎉 

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