Detour 🇦🇹

We somehow ended up staying here longer than planned.. everything has been going well and smooth since we left Denmark. But after a nap at a petrol station in Austria, we had to stop, there was an issue with one of the tires, and we had to wait for help. A GENUINE SOS MOMENT. The feeling of being stranded was overwhelming! And after a couple of hours we got told that nothing can be done until Monday! 😩 
So we now have to spend another day in Austria! We are staying in Trieben at a lovely Austrian hotel with a breakfast buffet 😍 And this place is incredible! We ate breakfast and had another nap which made us all feel a lot better! Then we decided to go hiking! The view is unreal in this area, the air is so warm and yes it is very humid, but it’s so fresh! The hike was blissful! 🙏🏼 

*Laust and I truly enjoying this moment* 

* I of course needed Laust to “pose” a bit for the camera* 

* This particular view is breathtaking * #😍

* Laust’s mum and dad looking cute as always* 

* Laust’s mum Bente with Anker & Laust * 

After the hike we went to a cafè for some beer, ice cream and coffee 🍺 🍦 ☕️ 

🍻 * Laust and his dad Sten* 🍻

Detour 🇦🇹

One thought on “Detour 🇦🇹

  1. Laust says:

    Du er mit livs kærlighed, for at være mere specifik er du den eneste kærlighed jeg noglesinde har haft.
    Det er ubeskriveligt hvor meget jeg elsker dig, der er ingen ord der kan komme tæt på at beskrive det, det er helt abnormalt hvor meget jeg holder af dig❤
    Alle aspekter af dig gør mig glad og alle stunder jeg har med dig gør mit liv bedre.
    Dania jeg elsker dig ❤


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