30 day blog challenge! 

I know I’ve not been doing this for a while, I’ve been so busy with everything lately! Travel, college etc 

But here we are! Day 13: 

Fame isn’t something I seek to be honest.. it’s not even about validation.. it’s mostly about leaving something behind.. I’ve not always been sure about my place in the world.. and I’ve always felt as if I don’t fit in anywhere, I’m the different one, the new girl, the weirdo, outsider etc.. I pretended to be someone I’m not, and I tried being a part of groups and things and make myself known for something. Make a difference, and not be someone who’s never contributed and never done anything. I tried being in school and achieving greatness there and that didn’t really work out.. I’ve also tried it through sports, art, politics etc.. 

More than anything I want to be different.. I want to make an impact, I want to leave something behind.. that people can look at and remember me by.. 

But I am yet to find my place in the world.. for now it is instagram & blogging and so far so good! And it feels good and it does make me happy! 

I am not compromising or belittling myself. Or trying to be someone I’m not. 

So no. I don’t want to be famous. I want to be remembered. 

30 day blog challenge! 

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