My week 💖

Round 2. Our love for pizza keeps growing and growing ❤️ 

This time, we got a kebab pizza with chips, garlic dressing and feta cheese 😍

While Laust decided to get a pizza with 5 different types of meat 😱 

And we also got garlic bread pizza ish 😍 

This was the pizza we had a few days ago😍😍 🍕 🍕 regular kebab, chips & garlic dressing. (FAMILY SIZE THOUGH!!!😍) 

I’ve been feeling unwell lately, barely sleeping, eating unhealthy 😂 But it’s been all good otherwise. Yesterday we went out with Lausts mum and dad, they set up their boat, and we grabbed some food and then went and bought snacks. 

Our night ended like this. And oh boy it feels good! To have Laust by my side, snacking the night away, being antisocial and all..  ðŸ˜‚ 

And now we stuffed our faces with these cute adorable bunnies 🐰 !! It’s no Easter without them! 😍 I’ve always had one for  every Easter ever since I was a child. 

My week 💖

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