30 day blog challenge! 

Day 12: 

Last dream I’ve had: 

Okay this may sound extremely bad.. but most of my dreams are basically of Laust cheating on me! I know it’s awful! But I’ve already figured out what they mean with the help of at least a thousand searches on google.. It’s is not healthy.. and I always wake up in tears. And I’m terrified most of the time. Pretty much living and sleeping in anxiety, fear and worry. But someday they’ll pass and I’ll be sleeping in peace. Waking up with a smile on my face and cuddling up next to Laust.. 

I won’t mention any names of the people that are in the dreams or what happens. It’s awful as it is having to dream these things let alone starting to speak of them.. (so don’t bother messaging me and asking please) 

30 day blog challenge! 

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