At the moment:

On my way back to Denmark for a medium long stay. I am currently at Edinburgh airport, just had a light meal. Got to speak to Laust for a little bit and also chatted with a few businessmen dealing with Saudi Arabian /middle eastern contracts etc. It’s fun to speak to people working in fields I’m interested in and most likely where my education is leading me to.  I am already exhausted though. I’ve barely done anything..


Compensated for missing both breakfast and lunch today.. ( and I will probably miss dinner unless I snack on the plane) 

  • Granola and yogurt and raspberry jam 
  • Fruit and nuts bar 
  • Chocolate crisp bar 
  • Simple Roast chicken and mustard mayonniese wrap
  • Americano 

This week is going to be full of exiting and interesting events! I will be attending a party for Lise’s baby!  (Lausts sister) I will also meet his entire family! And stay at his childhood home! And see where he grew up, look att old photographs, go shopping etc.
I will be back in Glasgow on Sunday, to try and catch up on what I’ve missed yesterday and today at college. 😦 </3.. Can’t wait till it’s all over! I can’t stand being apart from Laust anymore nor being at college and Glasgow all together.. </3.. The place has been poisoned by snakes.. lol.



At the moment:

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