30 day blog challenge!Ā 

I know I’m a bit slow with this but here we go day 10!

I like and dislike myself from time to time.. 

What I dislike about myself is the fact that I care for a lot of people who really don’t deserve it. People take advantage of me easily. But that has only taught me to toughen up. Grow thicker skin. I also dislike the fact that I sometimes can’t control my temper/mood. I dislike my looks too. My thick thighes, curly hair. Strong features, such as my face šŸ˜‚ but to be honest. These are all things that make me unique and different. That make everyone unique and different. I dislike my lazy side. My spend all your money side too. I dislike the way I overthink most things. 


Things that I like, I love deeply. I notice things a lot of people don’t. I like that I can go with the flow but also be serious about important things. I like how I can forgive when people wrong me. I like my smart side. My sassy, competitive self. I like the fact that I can go after what I want. I’m determined and strong šŸ’ŖšŸ¼ I like that I believe in women. I like that I can be soft and humble. I like that I can love and appreciate life after all I’ve been through. I like that I’ve met my soulmate and always have him by my side. I like that he brought the real me out. 

But we’re all work in progress as human beings. 


30 day blog challenge!Ā 

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