From my experience in travelling throughout my life.. being 19 ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ I’ve learnt a thing or two. Having been to about 16 countries so far I know it’s not a lot! But I have made a list for you guys of donts! I should be making one about does but to be honest this seems more fun and it’s more important to know what to avoid! I’ll make sure I make a list of does! As well. 

I won’t be going through every country or city, I’ll just bring up important things I’ve picked up along the way! 

  • When travelling always make sure you are not over packing! I tend to do that quite a lot and trust me! It’s no good! You won’t be able to shop and you’ll be carrying unnecessary items making your luggage heavier than it should be! 
  • I know that you can’t actually predict the weather so you might be worried about what to bring! But there’s this thing called weather apps and websites! But don’t look at just one, make sure you browse through atleast 2-3 to see what the weather is more likely to be!
  • Don’t listen to what anyone suggests is a ‘good‘ restaurant. Go out and explore! Not everyone shares the same taste! And if you always end up going to restaurants or diners or cafes that people suggest for you, you’ll be missing out on a bunch of other things! 
  • When in France! Don’t bother actually trying to speak to anyone in any other language then French! In Paris it’s more likely that they speak English, but forget about other parts such as Marseille! 
  • Don’t take out all of your money in cash! Most European countries use cards! And it’s a waste to take out all of it!  But if you’re in areas that aren’t city centre type you’ll need some cash! Because some places avoid cards for tax purposes. 
  • Don’t purchase souvenirs at airports or malls. They’re always more expensive and you can always get it cheaper from random souvenir shops located all over town. I often find the ones run by Asians the cheapest! 
  • Don’t expect people to be kind! I’ve had run ins with people in different areas that are sick and tired of tourists! And they actually say it! Although tourism is what is helping their country, that’s all they live off!
  • Don’t be rude! People are sometimes unpleasant but to make sure your journey doesn’t turn sour, try to keep up the good spirits and enjoy yourself! 
  • Don’t waste time on people who stop you to talk when you’re walking! Even if it’s only for a signature or if they want 1โ‚ฌ.  Most of them are frauds! And only want to see how much cash you have on to later jump you! 
  • Don’t neglect your bag! Even if you’re at a restaurant! Make sure all your things are visible to you! 
  • Don’t allow people to trick you into cutting queues for attractions etc. 

Hope this is helpful! I know it’s quite short! And there is so much more!! I’ll make sure I post more about travel later on๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ


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