30 day blog challenge! 

Day 8: 

What I’d do with 1 million dollars.. 💵 hmm 

At first I’d set aside more than half of it to different charities. And to directly donate to build and start establishing homes, electricity, wifi, water, education for people that are in need of it. I’d provide housing for homeless people, and help them get help with addictions, and getting jobs. 

I’d also use some if it for animal shelters, and animal protection. Especially near extinct animals. The protection of wildlife. 

I would also donate to science. Because science is our only saviour. To help find solutions to protect our planet and preserve whatever is left of the good. And to also research other options. 

I’d also invest in starting a business, paying off loans and also purchase myself and Laust a home 💖 

Whatever is left would go to funds for my future children. And life savings. 


30 day blog challenge! 

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