Why won’t she introduce you to her parents?Β 

Now I know this is a strange topic.. but lately I’ve been hearing it from quite a lot of guys.. saying their girls aren’t introducing them to family members? Parents? Etc.. I’ve been hearing it for YEARS from several mates </3 

And none of them understand why! 

See the reasons to why many girls decide to not introduce you.. ever.. or maybe just not right now .. can simply be divided into 4 categories .. 

  1.  You’re a loser (you know it she knows it) 
  2. You’ve not proven to her that she matters.. 
  3. You’ve not made any plans for the future or even spoken about a future together 
  4. You’re still living as if you are a single guy… 

So for 1; you might not be a total loser.. but since we were living in caves, women have always been drawn to men that bring home the MEAT! Or a stone.. (whatever!!!) meaning.. she wants a man that can provide, that is progressing in life.. moving forward! Not stuck in the same spiral?? Yes failing is ok.. but laziness isn’t! Yes I’m all for woman and independence.. but our human instincts say otherwise when it comes to feelings.. every lady wants to be carried every now and then.. but Hun females can do what you do and do it better! And actually do way more.. so step up your game.. ✌🏼
2: are you constantly speaking about what you and your friends do? Or did? Or going to do? Are you constantly asking others for their opinions but not her? Is she not being included? Are you always the one deciding on what to do? Do you ever ask her about her day? How shes feeling? Oh boy.. I can just go on.. it doesn’t take much to make anyone happy.. or to even make them smile.. making an effort doesn’t mean spending all your money or planing a crazy “spontaneous” thing.. from experience whenever there are big gestures.. there’s none of the smaller ones.. so stick to small gestures/efforts.. and big ones for major events.. and you’ll be fine πŸ‘πŸΌ

3: if you’ve already planned your summer or Christmas or Easter or whatever and not suggested you do anything together or even asked her if she wanted to spend some of her holiday with you.. GAME OVER – no but seriously.. of course you don’t need to spend every second together.. but to give her the option of being able to come and join you for Christmas even if it’s for lunch or whatever.. including your lady in any future plans and actually following them would benefit you a lot! πŸ™πŸΌ good luck!! πŸ‘πŸΌβœŒπŸΌ
4: yes I know if the relationship hasn’t been defined it’s not really a relationship and you’re still “free” I get it.. but no.. there’s no such thing.. if you’re seeing someone regularly.. and you spend a lot of time together.. and it’s somehow moving forward.. you can’t just keep going out with your mates and getting shitfaced?? You can’t keep your tinder profile active when she’s living with you?? You can’t keep talking to the same girls that you yearned after when you were single?? And still try to see them and get some?? Where’s your logic?? You are wasting your girls time. And she knows it! So boys.. men don’t play games.. and if she’s not giving you what you want.. take a look at what you are giving her??  Probably not much! 
( I don’t mean to offend anyone.. but I’m sick and tired of boys complaining about females, grow up already, especially at my age and people older..  if you all keep playing games.. you’ll play yourself to the point where you are single and alone✌🏼) 

Why won’t she introduce you to her parents?Β 

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