He saw something good so he claimed it. 

I’d rather have roses on my table than dimonds on my neck.

There are clearly more pictures from our wedding day.. but those are the ones I always find myself looking at.

Everyone is shocked when they find out we’re married.. because of our age and circumstances. We got married when I was 18 and when he had just been 20 for about 2 months. It’s been more than seven months since.

No one ever asks me why I decided to marry so young. Everyone always asks Laust. It feels as if marriage is something all woman want at a very  young age, and no one ever cares to ask them why no matter how old they are. It’s as if we are born to commit and men are just not tame, they are born to stray, and if they do decide to marry it’s a miracle. Well this is the cold hard sad truth. No one expects any man to marry. Men are known to always want someone new and to never “settle”. And yes that is true. Men tend to see and try everything before they decide this is what I want. And even then they stray every now and then.. or maybe just once and then they realise what they have..

In my case I was very “lucky”..  when I first met Laust I had made a deal with myself to just go with the flow, and not force anything and to completely be myself. And guess what?! Laust actually fell in love with me for who I am?!?!? I know I can’t believe that either.. everything happened so quickly after that. And every relationship has its problems. But we’ve managed to tough it out. We’ve learned that our love is rare. (We learned the hard way too) We both knew it when we met.. something about him makes me calm. And I know he’s my soulmate. And this isn’t just another thing a girl says. Because we’ve managed to actually have everything during such a short time! We dated, became a couple moved in together while still dating actually but deep down we never needed to define it, since he asked me to marry him only a few weeks after he asked if I was his girlfriend😂😩💖, then I moved to the UK to study while he’s still in Sweden, we managed to travel together and meet up in countries randomly, he’s my go to person when it comes to anything.. and he’s always by my side.

But we still do give each other a hard time. We push each other, we test boundaries, and yes it occasionally happens that we hurt each other. But we’ve also grown so much together! We’ve helped each other develop. Nothing and no one can ever hurt us as a couple or individuals. That’s how strong we’ve grown. We keep no secrets in our realastionship but we also believe in privacy. (But not always😂)

He’s made me believe in love again. He’s made me believe in marriage when I’ve always been against it. He’s rare. He’s one of the “good guys”. Everyone makes mistakes. Boys make mistakes. But a real man owns up and changes. Because let me tell you, never stop believing, and don’t dive in with your everything for anyone. Always be yourself and go with the flow. Because when a guy sees how good you are. And how much of a better person you make him. He will claim you. Otherwise he’s just wasting his time and yours. Trust me. 

It’s not all about luck though, maybe we were lucky to meet each other and so were you when you met your other half, but it’s really more about how hard you have to work for it. No realationship is easy, it requires a lot of work, faith, hope, LOVE, HONESTY, TRUST, solid foundation of friendship (that is built overtime) lose one thing but have the others left then you can easily build it all back. But lose everything.. then you’re left in a hopeless mess.. And yes you can be best friends with your partner. What’s the point otherwise? You’re supposed to be able to have fun together, talk about everything, share all your secrets to one another, and trust them not to hurt you just as you trust your best friends and of course also being able to be romantic and cheesy together..💕

So if anyone ever asks me why I married so young? I’ll give them the same answer as Laust : I found the one, why wait? :’)  

He saw something good so he claimed it. 

9 thoughts on “He saw something good so he claimed it. 

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow you’re life is amazing and the more people hating the more you’re doing the right things and people are trying to walk over you and get in your way. Don’t let trash get to you. They’re not worth it. They can’t even talk to your face. Cowards hiding behind a screen. They’re nothing but an embarrassment and they know it.

    Lots of love to you Dania and your husband Laust xx

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