Can’t we fast forward?? 

I’ve been thinking about my goals in life, short term and long term.. and I believe that I’m stuck between what I want and what I need..

My main goal is to study as much as possible.. to be able to become an investment banker.. but at the same time I want to travel the world.. and I sort of get to do that meanwhile.. but my fear of not having enough time to study.. and the lack of focus will slow me down..

For now I really want to focus.. and comeplete all of my assignments.. they’re not that many.. but I haven’t started on any of them this week..

Studying business is not that difficult.. it requires a lot of thinking, writing, logic and work.. but it is a lot of fun.. I never thought I’d actually enjoy it.. but it’s very rewarding.. it’s just such a long road ahead 😫 and I’m so impatient 😂

I just want to live with Laust again, and do our studying.. and have our happily ever after.. 🙏🏼

I can’t wait for the day four years from now.. when we got it all figured out.. where we have a home that we built together.. decorated together.. filled with memories.. every trip we’ve taken together.. a home where we finally can start our family.. where we have kids..a home that has that home smell😍😫  I can’t wait 😫 Sometimes I honestly think I’ll drop everything and settle for not having a complete degree and just start a family already😍

But I know that wouldn’t work.. I want it all but at the same time.. I can’t have it all in life.. I’ve tried .. for so long.. but it’s impossible..

less than 6 months left till I can live with Laust again..🙏🏼 Let’s just hope everything goes smoothly and everything we planned works out.. 🙏🏼

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Can’t we fast forward?? 

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