So this is an all times favourite for me!

Three + something  years ago I started working at a café, and they always made this thing called snickerkaka! That’s when I first got introduced to it! They gave me the recipe so I’d start making it at home😍 And ever since I started making I began adding my own flavours and ingredients! Making it into my own special thing! 

Tonight I made a batch using these ingredients:



Peanut butter 


The original recipe contain syrup and dark chocolate, but since I was using Nutella I decided to not use any syrup! There’s enough sugar in Nutella as it is!
I started off by melting the Nutella and gradually adding water because I didn’t want it to be too thick.. I then melted butter and added penutbutter, the butter is to aid the peanut making it smooth, (usually its syrup the goes in the mix here..) 

Afterwards I crushed cornflakes in a bowl, and blended the melted penutbutter, I took a form and layered sheets of paper, and spread the cornflakes, penutbutter mix on it, gave it 5-7 minutes to rest, and then poured the melted Nutella on top.. 

Popped it into the freezer because I couldn’t wait to eat it😂 and here’s the final result!  

I obviously didn’t spend a lot of time making it.. but it’s a really tasty snack😍


2 thoughts on “Snickerkaka😍

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