Back in Edinburgh  🇬🇧 

Unfortunately the fun is over </3 and it’s sort of time to go back to reality.. This week went by real fast and it all  felt unreal! 

We’re in Edinburgh right now and we are spending the night at a hotel by the airport. We started off by going down to the pool and we actually swam 4-5 laps! And then spent 10-15 minutes in the sauna till Laust couldn’t handle it anymore 😂🙄  

Mum and dad came over to pick up the surfboard and other things I dont need. So sweet and nice of them! I’m blessed to have such amazing parents! 

We then got seated in the dining hall and had a delicious meal! The daredevil Laust ate pigeon 🐦 🍴 I find it kinda sad.. the bird is really tiny…</3 anyway it was AMAZING! I got a pasta dish with chicken. For dessert we got a chocolate mousse and a crème brûlée 🍮 

 We’ll be flying to Copenhagen tomorrow afternoon to spend some time with Laust’s family! His sister gave birth today and we’re really exited and happy for her!! Can’t wait to see them all again and meet the new baby 👶!!! xx 

Back in Edinburgh  🇬🇧 

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