I’m back!!

Me and Laust had the very best trip together so far. We managed to do a lot of things in just 2 days. It’s unbelievable, considering us being the laziest of all people..
I flew down to Marseille with British Airways and It was the comfiest I’ve ever flown to be honest. They’ve upgraded their planes and it was a pleasant ride all together. Of course I’ve been flying business lately, but I ended up with premium economy on one of the flights back to Glasgow which wasn’t too bad either. 

I believe we were the happiest people at the airport once we found each other. 

We stayed at a hotel apartment, the studio apartment was fitted with everything we needed. (as if it was perfectly made for us)

Laust went out of his way to make my birthday perfect; he surprised me with a box filled with my favourite chocolate Ferreo Rocher and deep in the middle was a necklace. And thats not all <3333 Can you believe this guy?! I mean what more could a girl ask for??

The feeding me my favourite foods doesn’t end there, we went to a supermarket nearby and got sausages and crispy chicken burgers, bbq sauce and a few snacks for the night.
As I was trying on the clothes he got me, he prepared our dinner. We snuggled up and ate it all and then ended up in a food coma.

I’m lucky and blessed to have this beautiful, amazing and wonderful man in my life.

I’m back!!

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