There’s only one person in this entire world that’s ever made me feel everything.. All the good and bad. And that person is who I call many things: soulmate, best friend, twat,boyfriend, jerk, darling, husband, friend, loser.. etc.

We knew about each other somewhere in November last year.. but we kind of didn’t talk.. (mostly me ignoring him) till we decided to give each other a chance and we went out for coffee in the beginning of March this year.. as soon as I laid my eyes on him at the Centralstation in Malmö.. I felt complete.. moment passed ->we then ended up going to two different coffee shops because the first one had a weird taste to its coffee and the conversation was a bit awkward/stiff between us.. but as soon as we sat down at Barista GåGatan Malmö.. We couldn’t stop talking.. and oh god I still remember the feeling I got.. we sat outside freezing because we smoked a lot but we shared a small blanket.. although it was freezing he felt warm, gentle and so sweet.. I knew from that moment on that I couldn’t pretend to be something I’m not.. and I knew that my life won’t ever be the same..

And it hasn’t ever been since I met him.. he has made me discover parts of myself I’ve never known about. He’s the very first person to ever know who the real me is, and he’s also the very first to genuinely love me and always be there.

We’ve had our fair and share of ups and downs.. and I wouldn’t trade any of what we had and now have for anything else in the world. 🌎

It’s been 6 weeks since we last got to be together and it’s been hell.. an absolute nightmare.. and I can’t wait to see him soon.. 72 hours left till we’re reunited ❤️


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