Long day

Today has been one busy day! I planned to take the train to Lisbon but i missed the train and couldn’t wait 3 hours for the next one and then not be sure if would make it back to Faro with the last train. 

Instead I boarded the train to Albufeira! A small town an hour or so away from Faro. My only reason to head there was due to the fact that there is a beach that is absolutely stunning! Its called Praia de Sao Rafael.


But the beach is outside of the town of Albufeira, so I took the bus to Albuferia  station and later on got another bus that dropped me off a few minutes away from the Marina. My plan was to walk to the beach from the Marina but then I looked over and there was this gigantic hill! So I immediately took a cab. (Luckily the way back down wasn’t too bad) The beach was even more beautiful than I imagined. HONESTLY 


But for now I’ll  end my evening with some room service and a few episodes of family guy. x 

Long day

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